RebelsFunding Review 2024

RebelsFunding Review 2024

RebelsFunding is a rising EU prop trading firm that offers funds for Forex, Metals, Energies, Equities, Indices and Cryptocurrency trading with the most affordable programs and refunds of up to 200%. I've done a thorough review of this prop firm to give traders a better understanding of the trading experience.
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RebelsFunding is a rising EU( Slovak Republic) prop firm. With the motto“ Our Capital, Your Success” they offer one of the most affordable programs and an updated trading platform.

Hello, Dear prop traders! This is Nicholas Cardwell. I am a Forex trader. This year, I joined the “MyForexReport” team as a trade analyst. I have traded in many Forex firms before and a few months back I purchased a RebelsFunding 5k training program account. Here, I am going to share with you my experience of trading in their program. If you want to trade with them in the future, I am sure my experience will help you out.

  • Affordable price, starting at just $25
  • Offers fee refund of up to 200%
  • RF-Platform is innovative and user-friendly including TradingView
  • No minimum trading days
  • 28 pairs and metals are totally swap-free
  • Top-notch Customer Support (24/7)
  • Allows Trade during the news
  • Allows you to hold trade overnight
  • No MT4/MT5 platform
  • Server connection is sometimes slow
  • EAs not allowed

Last Updated on March 18, 2024 by Nicholas Cardwell

The Background of RebelsFunding:

RebelsFunding is a proprietary trading firm that offers exciting opportunities for traders. Their headquarters are situated in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. They are a very newly founded company, only started on 1st May 2023. However, in such a short time, they gained such massive fame among the traders that I couldn’t stop my curiosity and traded with them.

They have a very dedicated team who work earnestly behind the scenes. Their chief customer, executive, and social media officer maintain a team to support the firm. You can see their faces in the picture below.

people behind of rebelsfunding prop firm
Team Leaders at RebelsFunding

“Our Capital, Your Success” sums up their firm’s strategy. They cater to new as well as advanced traders to become successful without the necessity for a large initial investment or fear of large losses. In the following table, you will see their entire legal information. This is to show you how authentic they are. After that, I will share my experience with you.

RebelsFunding Legal Information:

Business NameRebelsFunding
Company ID48116 700
CEOMarek Soska
Phone+421 911 611 250
Company TypeCorporation
Incorporation Date1st May, 2023
Record TypeThe organization identification number (IČO)
State of FormationOn
Governing LegislationCommercial Code (Act No 513/1991)
Mailing AddressLandererova 8, Bratislava – mestská časť Staré Mesto, 811 09

RebelsFunding General Information:

👮Broker, Liquidity ProviderTier-1 Liquidity Provider
🏢 HeadquartersSlovakia
💲 Minimum Deposit$25
💰 Account CurrenciesUSD
🏦 Funding ModelsCopper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.
💸 Scale-Up PlanUp to 100% per account
💻 Trading PlatformsRF-Trader
🛠 InstrumentsForex, Metals, Energies, Cryptos, Equities, Indices
⚖ Leverage1:50, 1:100, 1:200
🥂 Profit Share90%
🎮 Free TrialAvailable
📲 Mobile AppNot Available
☎ Support24/7
✂ Discount CodeGet 15% OFF

Now that you have a clear picture of their business, I will shed light on their programs, rules, regulations, and what you can expect from them.

RebelsFunding Accounts and Pricing:

The thing that most fascinated me is that RebelsFunding has a range of programs, a total of five to be exact. All these programs scale from experienced, advanced, more advanced, moderate, and beginner levels. They call it diamond, gold, silver, bronze, and copper.

All these schemes are designed to cater to individual traders’ needs. Now I am going to tell you about what these programs will offer, my observations, and my involvement in them.

The Copper Program

The Copper account is mainly for beginners. This program has a lot of facilities and choices. So I went with this one and got $5000 by only spending $25. Now, you may wonder why an experienced trader like me went with this. Well, first my goal is to evaluate what this new firm can offer, and second, this program has a 200% refund policy. That means you will get double the money you initially invested after clearing the verification test.

In all these years of trading experience, I have come across only a couple of funds that provide such an extensive program in a low price range. Here you will have to pass a 4-phase verification with their given demo account. The profit target is only 5%. With risk management tactics and technical & ratio analysis, this target can be achieved very easily.

I was able to earn a total of 10% profit of my total balance in the first month. A total of about $500. In that month they gave me a whopping 80% profit split. The best thing about this program however, is the timeframe. You don’t need to finish the evaluation in a fixed time.

Obviously, in all this, I had to maintain all the rules of the RebelsFunding Copper program. So for your convenience, I am adding all these here:

Evaluation TypeUnlimited Days Trading Evaluation
Profit Split80% on the first month
85% on 2nd months
90% in later months
Profit Target5% on all types of fund offering
Min. Trades4 ( Minimum number of opening trades on each phase)
Maximum Leverage1:200
Total Drawdown10% of any initial amount of funding
Daily Drawdown5% of the total of the open and closed trade in 24 hours
Account Size (USD)$5,000$10,000$20,000$40,000$80,000$160,000$320,000
Initial Fee$25$40$70$120$240$460$890
Refund Fee$50$80$140$240$480$920$1780

The Copper program has a scale-up plan. If you generate a profit of 15% or more on your RCF Copper trading account over 3 consecutive months and at least 2 of those months are profitable, they will increase your account by 25% of its original value.

The Bronze Program

Another program that I highly like is this one. When I was doing our research on their programs I was overwhelmed and baffled between the Copper and Bronze one. Since I can purchase only one, I went with Copper but this Bronze program was close behind in my list.
If you have experience in Forex trading then this plan is for you. It is designed to cater to moderately advanced traders’ every need. Here you have to pass 3-phase training with their demo account. The phase is a bit tougher than the RF Copper program but noting for a trader who mastered basic risk management and trading tactics. The profit target is just like the Copper one, 5% on each scale. The main difference here is that you will get a 150% refund on successfully passing the 3-way tests and the fee you give is a bit much than the previous program.

There is no specific time limit for passing the Bronze program test phases or minimum trading days. You can trade all week. You will just have to open at least three real trades and maintain the maximum and daily drawdown rule. If you successfully excel in the test you can get a leverage of about 1:200 on funds ranging from $5000 to $160,000.

You can find everything you need to know about the RebelsFunding Bronze Program account from the list below:

Evaluation TypeNo time limit.
Profit Split80% on the first month
85% on 2nd months
90% in later months
Profit Target5% on all types of fund offering
Min. Trades5 ( Minimum number of opening trades on each phase)
Maximum Leverage1:200
Total Drawdown10% of any initial amount of funding
Daily Drawdown5% of the total of the open and closed trade in 24 hours
Account Size (USD)$5,000$10,000$20,000$40,000$80,000$160,000
Initial Fee$40$60$100$170$340$660
Refund Fee$60$90$150$225$510$990

The RF trading Bronze program has the scale-up plan as the Copper program.

The Silver Program

The two-phase RF SILVER training program is primarily for expert traders who want to progress and get better without having to risk their own money. If you have advanced knowledge about trading, ratio analysis, and risk management mechanisms, this program should be your target. 

This scheme has 6 funding variations ranging from $2500 to $80,000. The silver program is quite different from the Copper and Bronze ones. The plan is divided into two parts with unlimited time to finish, providing you with plenty of time to consider every move without risking excessive losses. The daily drawdown here is 5% of the highest equity of the day and the maximum drawdown amount is 10% of the initial account size. For example, if you have an account of 10,000 USD then the drawdown cannot be less than 9,000 USD.

What sets this program apart from the previous ones is the profit target. You must earn a revenue of 8% in the first stage and 5% in the later phase of the RebelsFunding Silver Program with a real trading of 4 in both phases. This may overwhelm any beginner trader but for an experienced one, it is a piece of cake. However, if you can make 15% profit or more for 2 straight months then you can get 25% more funding depending on your initial equity. 

When I was researching the programs I got a little info from their support group. According to their survey and info, the silver program is their top-rated. Most traders go with their $20,000 silver funding scheme. You may think that such an advance plan must have a huge fee. But that’s not true at all in RebelsFunding’s case. Their silver package starts from only 35 USD. 

Here is the full overview of the RF 2-Phase Silver Program:

Evaluation TypeUnlimited time to finish
Profit Split75% on the first month
80% on 2nd months
90% in later months
Profit Target8% on first month
5% on second month
Min. Trades6 ( Minimum number of opening trades on each phase)
Maximum Leverage1:100
Total Drawdown10% of any initial amount of funding
Daily Drawdown5% of the total of the open and closed trade in 24 hours
Account Size (USD)$2,500$5,000$10,000$20,000$40,000$80,000
Initial Fee$35$50$80$130$230$420
Refund Fee$35$50$80$130$230$420

The Gold Program

The RF Gold trading program is a one-step destination where you go all out to complete a 1-phase test successfully. This program is ideal for a frequent trader with an open mind to make at least 8 real trades within no fixed time limit to finish and reach a minimum 10% profit target. For traders who are confident in their skills, want to start trading quickly, and want to maximize their investment, this is the trading program for you.

Subscriptions are offered in amounts ranging from 2,500 USD to 40,000 USD where you can earn a commission of 75%-90% of the profit. In a single trade day, your trade cannot go down more than 4% and in total it cannot go below 6% of the initial capital. This won’t be easy to achieve just by anyone. But anyone can and better yet get 15% profit for 2 months back to back their account will scale up to 25% of the initial funds. This scaling up is a continuous process and will happen again and again.

Here I have given you an overview of the RF Gold Program in the following table:

Evaluation TypeNo time limit
Profit Split75% on the first month
80% on 2nd month
85% in 3rd month
90% on 4th month
Profit Target10%
Min. Trades8 ( Minimum number of opening trades on each phase)
Maximum Leverage1:50
Total Drawdown6% of any initial amount of funding
Daily Drawdown4% of the total of the open and closed trade in 24 hours
Account Size (USD)$2,500$5,000$10,000$20,000$40,000
Initial Fee$50$70$100$160$280

The only complaint I have against this policy is that you don’t get any refunds even after clearing the test.

The Dimond Program

The RebelsFunding team designed this special program for highly experienced traders who want provisions right from the initial stage. The RF diamond account is a one-spet plan that is intended to be scaled up whenever you make a 10% profit without any daily drawdown limit. I think this is a good trading program for any accomplished trader.

The thing that can get you through here is a quick strategy by which you can gain a 10% profit, a minimum of 4 real trades, and maintain a less than 5% max drawdown. This RF Dimond program is a one-phase, ten-level training program. This allows you to earn rewards straight away and has enormous growth potential. Which initially means every time you get 10% or more profit your account will scale up.

I have given all the information about this program in the table below for your convenience:

Evaluation TypeUnlimited time
Profit Split50% right of the bat
Profit Target10%
Min. Trades5 ( Minimum number of opening trades on each phase)
Maximum Leverage1:50
Total Drawdown5% of any initial amount of funding
Daily DrawdownNone
Account Size (USD)$1,000$2,000$5,000$10,000$20,000
Initial Fee$50$100$190$360$690
Refund Fee$50$100$190$360$690

RebelsFunding Trial or Demo Account Offerings:

If you are confused about RebelsFunding or just want to experience their service for free, then you can avail of their free demo account. I personally went through this process before investing in the program. For 30 days, they will give you access to their demo RCF account.

The best thing here is that if you excel in trading in these 30 days, then you can get a 15% discount on any program. So, when I bought the Copper program’s $5000 funding I had to pay only $22.

Trading Assets and Instruments:

In RebelsFunding, you can not only trade in Forex but also Metals, Energies, Cryptos, Equities, and Indices. To be more elaborate, you can trade in all of these with RebelsFunding:
– Forex: 40 Currency Pair
– Metals: 4 metals to trade
– Energies: 2
– Cryptos:7
– Equities: 10
– Indices: 8

RebelsFunding Spreads:

We have a raw spread in my RebelsFunds. The spread varies depending on the kind of instrument and the asset. I’ve included a spread count chart below for your convenience.

Additional Concern about Trading In RebelsFunding:

There are some additional features of RebelsFunding you should know of:

1. Month-Long Competition:

One great aspect of RebelsFunding is their month-long competition. In August, this competition first started. They give you a registration window and after registration, you will get a demo account which you can access when the competition begins. It is completely free to register, so you don’t have to worry about any fees. They promote their competition on different social media accounts. In fact, I got to know about them through this promotion. 

In February 2024, a total of 11877 traders participated in over 130 countries in the competition, which was 22% more than the previous month. So, as you can see, the competition is gaining recognition and more and more people are joining each month. 

Those who outperform their competitors in terms of profitability will be honored. The rewards come in the form of different copper accounts without fees. The top rankers get the price like this:

1stCopper $160,000 program + Cash $1000
2ndCopper $80,000 program + Cash $500
3rdCopper $40,000 program + Cash $300
4th &5thCopper $40,000 program
6th to 10thCopper $20,000 program
11th to 20thCopper $10,000 program
21th to 50thCopper $5,000 program

2. 33 pairs and metals totally swap free:

This type of account implies that you won’t have to pay a rollover charge on those pairings. It’s a charge you have to provide if you hold a currency pair overnight. In RebelsFunding in 33 currency pairs of 40 you won’t have to pay such a fee. In only seven pairs, you will have to pay those fees. Apart from that in RebelsFunding’s 4 Metal group, you won’t have to do any sort of swap free.

3. Trading Platform (RF-Trader):

RF-Trader platform with charting powered by TradingView RF-Platform is innovative and friendly and built from the TradingView Chart. It feels like I’m trading on TradingView. Trading is only available on the RF-Trader, using platforms such as MT4 and MT5 is not possible. They claim that it is specifically built for the company’s purposes and provides traders with the greatest chance of success in prop trading. Unlike platforms like MT4 or MT5, where chart manipulation can hinder traders’ success, such manipulation is not possible with the RF-Trader platform.

4. Scaling Plan:

Once you have completed the training and acquired the RCF account, your collaboration commences. Your account will be subject to incremental increases based on a consistent profit gain. Suppose you generate a cumulative profit of 15% or higher continuously for three months, with at least two of those months being profitable. In that case, they will enhance your account by 25% of its original value. This scale-up is a constant process, allowing your account to grow by 100% after a year of successful collaboration.

5. Game Activities:

RF also has some fun gaming tournaments on their Discord server. Any trader can participate in them and the different tournaments have solid prices for the top 3 contenders. 

RebelsFunding Dashboard Tour (Real Account ):

rebelsfunding dashboard with tradingview chart

As I already said, we have purchased their 5K account. Their dashboard is quite well designed so I didn’t have much hassle to go around it. I found real-time data for accurate market analysis. Recently, they updated their server to be more efficient. The dashboard is now geographically closer to the majority of their clients (faster login speed, opening/closing trades, adjusting trades, switching between charts).

Additionally, I noticed something new in recent updates, such as graph upgrades and position lines on the mobile platform. Now, you can even add stop loss and take profit directly on the chart by dragging it, changing the default options and even changing the default options. For the convenience of traders across the world they provide accessibility of the dashboard in 7 languages and 6 layout options.

Payment Proof and Profit Split:

rebelsfunding profit split using binance method
our profit certificate from rebelsfunding

You can get the first payout in 14 days after acquiring a funded account. Profit withdrawals are possible twice a month. As of October, I have gained a total of 228 USD from their Copper $5000 program successfully. They give up to 90% profit split opportunity.

Profit share proof

I also checked in the community to see if the people are getting payouts from them. On different social platforms, I saw that people are getting their payouts on time. I even went the extra mile to talk to a few traders about this. All of their reviews were positive and they assured me that they got their payment in due time.

Reputation and RebelsFunding Reviews:

rebelsfunding's trustpilot review

In a very short time, the RebelsFunding firm has gained an impressive reputation. They are affiliated with Trustpilot. Traders from different countries share their reviews and experiences there. If you go through them, you’ll see that there are hardly any bad reviews about them. My experience with them was excellent too.

prop trader experience with rebelsfunding

Apart from that, you can get reviews from traders through their Discord and Prop Traders Facebook communities. You can get authentic information from there. One trader’s name I definitely have to mention here is “Rudolph Harjo.” This guy shared his journey with RebelsFunding on Facebook with authentic proof of profit split (you can see the post above). That information intrigued me a lot and alleviated my interest in RebelsFunding. Our senior trade analyst, “Richard Gibson” messaged him personally to know more about his experience.

rebels funding traders shared experience with us

RebelsFunding Customer Support:

our experience with rebelsfunding customer support

From their customer support, you will get any help you need. My experience with their support was really great. I must say I asked them a lot of questions around different times of the day and always got quick responses. A representative is always there to assist you. You get to chat with a real customer representative rather than a computer or AI.

RebelsFunding Discord:

Discord server activities

RebelsFunding has a well-maintained Discord server. You can access it through your phone or computer. Here they provide rules, regulations, disclaimers about their programs, any announcements, tips & tricks, how their prop firm functions, the people behind the scenes, charts and analysis, daily news, and many more.

Moreover, they post their social media links and 24/7 customer support links here too, if you want to talk to them one-on-one. Apart from that, they have a community section here where you can interact with other traders and learn about their experiences with Rebelsfunding. The active community helps you with any problem. I received help from many traders through their Discord conversations.

One thing I have to tell you about the meme- zone absolutely. People can post memes, obviously related to trade, here. It gives me a good laugh every time I go through this section.

RebelsFunding Education, Tools and Application:

Educational Resource:

They have a blog section where they publish educational articles twice a week. These articles cover various topics in the trading environment and give knowledge and understanding of the forex market. They also have a vast eBook hub in the Discord section. You can download different trading books from there.

Tools and Application:

We didn’t find any tools like an economic calendar, pip calculator, Margin Calculator, or any mobile app. They should work on this aspect a bit.

Things That RebelsFunding Should Improve:

  1. It would be great if lot size and positions open at time restrictions like other prominent prop firms’ competition rules.
  2. Some traders reported that they sometimes experienced technical issues with the RF terminal. They think that it is a slow and sluggish web-based platform and face a lot of server connections. However, the last upgrade was quite good and the platform is significantly better now. I’m sure the team will keep upgrading and improving the platform.
  3. I think RebelsFunding should add trader-friendly tools like an economic calendar and margin calculator.
  4. The RebelsFunding web app is good for PC and laptop devices. As a trader, I think a mobile app is required. Hopefully, RebelsFunding will look into it.

Is RebelsFunding Legit or Scam?

Based on my overall experience, I cannot classify RebelsFunding as a scam. They have a physical office and the CEO actively engages with the community. Additionally, I have found legitimate legal materials associated with them. A legitimate prop firm typically fulfills certain criteria, such as maintaining a physical office, a Meet the Team page, evidence of the CEO’s activities, trader profit proof, and more. By considering these factors, I can easily say that RebelsFunding is totally legit.

RebelsFunding Review Conclusion:

This is my complete overview of RebelsFunding. Overall, it is up to you whether you want to go for this firm or not. I just told you about my experience with them and it was good. From my analysis, I can say this is true: all their programs will give you your money’s worth. I didn’t find much to complain about them. You can choose any program you want.

Their new platform is manipulation-free and the dashboard is easy to understand. But keep in mind that it is a new firm so a bit of mistake is understandable. They are updating their firm every month, so I am sure they will fix any of their mixups in no time.

Happy Trading! ❤

RebelsFunding Frequently Asked Questions

Is RebelsFunding regulated?

The company RIFM, s. r. o., with registered office at Landererova 8, Bratislava – Staré Mesto 811 09, Slovak Republic, registered under ID number 48 116 700 and recorded in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava, Section Sro, Insert No. 166242/B, is the data controller. The company is not a broker. Due to the nature of their services, RebelsFunding does not need to comply with financial services regulations

Which payment methods are available?

You can pay for a RebelsFunding program through various options, such as: credit and debit card (EUR, USD, CZK), bank transfer (EUR, USD, CZK), Paypal (EUR, USD, CZK), crypto (USDT, BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC) and Wise (EUR, USD).

Does RebelsFunding allow EAs?

Their RF Trader platform does not support automatic EA systems.

Does RebelsFunding Allow News Trading?

Yes, you can trade news events.

What are the payout and withdrawal options?

You can request your payout via bank transfer, cryptocurrency, Wise, Neteller and similar methods.

RebelsFunding Review 2024 Details

Trading Platform
Free Trial Option
Withdrawal Methods
Customer Support
Foundation Year
Funding Up To $640,000
90% Profit spilt
Platform & Tools
Deposit & Withdrawal
Customer Support
4.8 Overall Rating

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