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Our purpose is to protect a trader’s investment by presenting unbiased, transparent, and well-reviewed content. We not only feature the most well-known prop trading firms, but we also introduce and evaluate the performance of startups. This equality of judgment allows us to provide the best service possible to prop traders.

Proprietary Trading Firms
Funded Accounts Up To $400,000
Up To 90% Profit spilt
Funded Trading Plus
Funded Accounts Up To $200,000
Up To 90% Profit spilt
Funding Up To $640,000
90% Profit spilt
E8 Funding
Funded Accounts Up To $250,000
80% Profit spilt
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The Funded Trader
TFT is Currently Unavailable
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Best Prop Trading Firms 2024

Prop Trading Firms, also known as Proprietary Trading Firms, are financial companies that provide funds to prominent forex traders. Getting funds from a prop firm was not an easy thing, but now with flexible conditions from the fund providers, it has been quite an easy process. However, a trader must prove his trading ability in order to obtain funds from a firm, since the trader will be given complete trading freedom.

The advantage of having a prop firm fund for traders is that it maximizes trading profit since the firm will only deduct its investment when a trader makes a profit. The profit share between the two parties depends on fund providers. We, at MyForexReport, don’t just add any random prop trading firm; we make sure it’s credible and follows all regulatory rules, benefiting traders the most as well as themselves.  

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Forex Broker Ranking
Minimum deposit- $50
Withdrawal fee amount- $5
Minimum Deposit- $10
leveraged trades up to 1:2000.

Best Forex Brokers 2024

Forex brokers have made trading a lot simpler than ever. However, choosing the right forex broker is important, since making the wrong choice here will not only result in the loss of your investment but will also risk your entire trading career.

MyForexReport is always careful about the interests of traders, which is why we do not list unregulated and offshore forex brokers on our website. We’ve compiled a list of the best forex brokers for the best interests of the traders.

360° Forex Review Platform

Forex reviews work like magic for traders who analyze them often in order to make better decisions and eventually make better trades. Knowing this, MyForexReport is developed to collect all of the reviews of forex trading services in one place. Traders now get instant access to the most up-to-date forex reviews.

Reviews On Live Accounts by In-house Professional Traders

MyForexReport reviews have to maintain the most accurate and up-to-date information, which is why we have a large team of in-house traders who manage live accounts to identify the most up-to-date and flawless information on the services the other company serves.

Free Forex Education

Forex traders who mostly fail to secure their investment, are mostly found to be ignoring to learn. Traders may not also get free forex education due to not getting a reliable and authentic source of learning. Considering this problem MyForexReport has made learning accessible to all traders for free.

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