Funded Trading Plus Review 2024

Funded Trading Plus Review 2024

Funded Trading Plus is a well-known prop firm founded in 2021 in England, the United Kingdom. They offer 250+ crypto markets on top of the usual forex, index and commodity markets and scale up to $2,500,000. We've done a thorough review of this prop firm to give traders a full picture of what it's like to trade at funding trading plus. 
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Funded Trading Plus made a name for itself after its launch in 2021. They have been funding traders with a promise of lucrative offerings and profit opportunities.

Hello, Forex traders and enthusiasts! Richard Gibson here, a senior trade analyst at MyForexReport. Since you’ve been eagerly waiting to know about our trading experience and what happened with our funded account with Funded Trading Plus, here we unfold the full story.

As usual, it is important to know about a service provider before using their service. Since it is not that easy to accumulate all the information from different sources, we at MyForexReport make it easy for you to get all the credible and significant information in one place. Now, let’s find out…

  • No Minimum / Maximum time limits
  • The process and rules are very straightforward, transparent, and fair
  • Enable you to scale up to $2,500,000
  • Allow EAs, news trading, and trade copier
  • Bi-weekly payout
  • They accept crypto
  • Do not have consistency rules
  • Online Platform Test and Dashboard Tour
  • Online Platform Test and Dashboard Tour
  • Number one trusted firm on TrustPilot (4.9/5 score)
  • Mandatory stop loss and no weekend holding on advance program
  • The platform UI/UX is ergonomic and uncluttered

Last Updated on May 2, 2024 by Richard Gibson

The Background of Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus is a popular name in the forex trading industry. They operate remotely from London, UK. According to the data, they have captured a significant amount of market share in a year through their service, social media presence, and uncompromised client support. 

People Behind Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus has a small team compared to its operation and the services it promises to offer. Simon Massey is the frontman and the CEO of Funded Trading Plus. James Frangleton, the popular guy in the discord channel, is the Director of Operations at FTP, while we found Ryan as the newly recruited marketing manager. You can see all the rest here.

Now that we’ve seen their positive introduction, let’s find out if they were good to us throughout the game.

Funded Trading Plus Legal Information:

Popular NameFunded Trading Plus/FT+
UK Tax ID413 8673 88
Company Number13719292
European VAT NumberEU372045061
CEOSimon Massey Paul
Commenced Operation05 November 2021
Organizational TypeSecurity and commodity contracts dealing activities(66120)
Record TypeSecretary of State (SOS) File Number
CountryUnited Kingdom
Mailing AddressFTP London, 7 Bell Yard
United Kingdom

Funded Trading Plus General Information:

👮 Broker, Liquidity ProviderThinkMarkets
🏢 HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
💲 Minimum Deposit$119
💰 Account CurrenciesUSD
🏦 Funding ModelsExperienced (One Phase), Premium (Two-phase), Advanced (Two Phase), Master (Instant)
💸 Scale-Up PlanUp to $2,500,000
💻 Trading PlatformsMatch-Trader, DXtrade, CTrader
🛠 InstrumentsForex, Metals, Energies, Cryptos, Equities, Indices, Shares / ETFs and Futures
⚖ Leverage30:1
🥂 Profit ShareInitially 80% and can be moved up to 100% with 30% profit gain
🎮 Free TrialNot Available
📲 Mobile AppNot Available
☎ Support24/7 Instant Support
✂ Discount CodeGet 25% OFF

What are the types of Funded Trading Plus accounts? How costly are they?

Funded Trading Plus has 4 types of account offerings. They are titled Experienced Trader Program, Premium Trader Program, Advanced Trader Program, and Master Trader Program.
So, what did we get according to their account offering? Well, we got their Experienced trader program with a funding option of 50,000. This one is a single-phase evaluation. We needed to get to a position where the profit split starts from 80/20 and have the opportunity to increase it to 100% if we can make over 30% profit. This feature alone swayed my interest in the program.

There is no such pressure on us on minimum trading days, but we have to achieve 10% profit in total, where we have to defend 6% relative drawdown and 3% daily drawdown. We are still trading in this program, and I am pretty pleased with our progress. I will let you in on it more once I get the profit.

Experienced Trader Program (One-Phase)

Evaluation TypeSingle Phase
Profit Split80/20 ( Upto 100% on minimum 30% profit gain)
Profit Target10%
Min. Simulated Trading DaysNone
Maximum Simulated LeverageUp to 1:30
PlatformsMatch-Trader, DXtrade, CTrader
Max Simulated Drawdown6%
Max Simulated Daily Drawdown4%
Account Size (USD)$12,500$25,000$50,000$100,000$200,000
Refundable Fee$119$199$349$499$949

Advanced Trader Program

Advanced Trader’s account is made for more advanced traders who want to challenge themselves. In Phase 1 you have, march for 10% profit and in Phase 2 for 5%. The profit split, relative drawdown, and daily drawdown are still the same. I think most traders would appreciate that there are no limitations. Obviously, Funded Trading will want everyone to complete the phases as soon as possible, but you won’t really encounter any real pressure to do that. After we get our desired profit in the Experienced Trader program I plan to get an Advanced account. We will let you know how that goes.

Evaluation TypeTwo Phase
Profit Split80/20 ( Upto 100% on minimum 30% profit gain)
Phase 1 Target10%
Phase 2 Target5%
Min. Simulated Trading DaysNone
Maximum Simulated LeverageUp to 1:30
PlatformMatch-Trader, DXtrade, CTrader
Max Simulated Drawdown10%
Max Simulated Daily Drawdown5%
Account Size (USD)$25,000$50,000$100,000$200,000
Refundable Fee$199$349$499$949

Premium Trader Program (Two Phase)

Funded Trading Plus has recently launched another two-phased program. I personally talked to them about it and they told me that traders often contacted them about bringing some changes and additions to the advance program. The FT+ team complied with all these suggestions and developed a new program.

I think moves like these showcase how a firm caters to its customer’s needs. We will trade in this program in the future. For now, I am just gonna share my findings with you.
The rules of this trading program are a bit relaxed here compared to the advanced program. Here, in the first phase of the evaluation, you have to get 8 percent profit with the challenge of maintaining below 4% daily and 8 % total drawdown. In the second phase, you need to get a profit of 5 %. Here, the daily and total stimulated drawdown is the same as in Phase 1. In the table, you will find a detailed analysis of the program:

Evaluation TypeTwo-Phase
Profit Split80/20 (up to 90/10) ( After getting the funded account)
Phase 1 Target8%
Phase 2 Target5%
Min. Simulated Trading DaysNone
Maximum Simulated LeverageUp to 1:30
PlatformMT4, MT5
Max Simulated Drawdown8%
Max Simulated Daily Drawdown4%
Account Size (USD)$25,000$50,000$100,000$200,000
Refundable Fee$247$397$547$1097

Master Trader Program

Our other in-house trader, Cody, did a bit of Trading on this program. Funded Trading Plus doesn’t ask for competency tests in their Master Trader Programme. We got an instant funded account as soon as we paid the fees. We paid for a mid-tier account, a $25K account with a $1125 fee. This is expensive. But they won’t just hand you a funded program without some compensation, right?

The most exciting thing about this program is that there is no profit target. You have free access to your trades. We just had to make sure that we didn’t get below the daily and total stimulated loss target. Another good thing about this program is its withdrawal criteria. Once participate in this program, you can request to withdraw simulated profit from your account on the very same day. After this, you can withdraw every 7 days.

Evaluation TypeInstant Funded (No Evaluation)
Profit Split80/20 but you can get upto 90% profit on 20% gain and 100% profit on 30% gain
Profit TargetNo profit target
Min. Simulated Trading DaysNone
Maximum Simulated LeverageUp to 1:30
PlatformMatch-Trader, DXTrader, CTrader
Max Simulated Drawdown6%
Max Simulated Daily Drawdown6%
RefundNo refunds
Account Size (USD)$5,000$10,000$25,000$50,000$100,000
One Time Fee$225.00$450.00$1,125.00$2,250.00$4,500.00

FTP Funding Evaluation Phases

Maximum Trading DayFunded Trading Plus doesn’t have any maximum or minimum trading day restrictions. They are open to trade until you breach any of their stated trading rules.
Maximum Daily LossWith Funded Trading Plus, you are not allowed to lose more than 3%, 4%, or 5% per day in the Experienced Trader, Premium Trader, and Advanced Trader account plans, respectively.
Maximum LossYou won’t be allowed to lose more than 10% of your account size in the Experienced and Advanced Program. So, In the case where you have 100K invested, you will not be allowed to lose more than 10K. In the Premium Trader Program, the maximum you can lose is 8%.
Profit TargetIn Phases 1 and 2, the profit target in Funded Trading Plus Experienced and Advance accounts is set to 10% ( Phasr-1) and 5% (phase-2) of your account. In the Premium Trader Program, it is set to 8% ( phase-1) and 5% (phase-2).
Copy TradingSocial Trading/copy trading is not directly discouraged by Funded Trading Plus since their partner brokers support it. So it is actually okay to use Copy/Social Trading.
We highly recommend you avoid engaging in any social trading without proper legitimacy and results. We highly recommend you avoid engaging in any social trading without proper legitimacy and results.
Trading on Expert AdvisorFunded Trading Plus has no restrictions on any EAs. So you know what you can do with it 😉 

Funded Trading Plus Spreads

Funded Trading Plus themselves don’t have a different spread count. Spreads are the same as their partner broker ThinkMarkets Spreads. They offer raw spreads from 0 pips and commissions with their broker, ThinkMarkets. Traders access the ThinkZero accounts with ThinkMarkets. Here are the ThinkMarkets Spreads.

Funded Trading Plus Dashboard Tour (Real Account )

funded trading plus dashboard overview
FTP dashboard trade report

Like I said before, we got the $50,000 Experienced Trader Account from them for a $349 fee. We are still trading on its MT5 platform. I will write a detailed overview if I can manage a suitable profit from it. So far, everything seems good. Funded Trading Plus clearly has worked on its dashboard management. The thing I like most about it is that, in the dashboard, I can clearly see the overview of my trades. They mention all the rules, regulations, and definitions for the traders to visit here. However, I think they need to work on it more. Over the years, I have traded in many top prop firms, and compared to that, their dashboard lacks a bit. Their dashboard needs more traders-friendly tools like a pip calculator, economic calendar, etc. I hope they work on these aspects.

Payment Proof and Profit Split

It’s time to show the legitimacy of this experience with Funded Trading Plus. There is no better way to present proof from our end. So once we pass the evaluation and successfully get our profit split after generating profit, we will give you our proof. Apart from that, We have talked to many traders in the community and asked for their genuine reviews. All of them showed us their legit bi-weekly payouts. They even have a dedicated section in their Discord server where traders showcase their payouts. I am going to leave some of those proofs here for you to see:

funded trading plus payout story images

FTP Education, Tools, and Application

A trader-friendly Forex Prop Firm not only limits itself to funding traders but also closely monitors the growth of its funded traders and offers them more opportunities to profit. There are many ways to offer these extra services, but most of them are meant to teach traders all the tips and tricks they can find about forex trading.

Funded Trading Plus provides insightful and informative material. These articles are posted on their website under “Blogs,” but these helpful resources for traders aren’t always posted. We expected that they would be equipped with all the necessary devices and tools, like the Pip Calculator, Lot Size Calculator, Currency Converter, Economic Calendar, and other features that would aid traders in making judgments. We didn’t find any of them, as we feared.

Trading Assets and Instruments

Funded Trading Plus has nothing much to offer here about the assets and instruments other than their partnered broker EightCap and ThinkMarkets allows them too. As a result, whatever EightCap offers is what the Funded Trading Plus offers, which is a total of 326 tradable symbols and 45 forex pairs. With another broker ThinkMarkets, commissions are charged at $7 per lot on all FX pairs, and the additional pairs of Gold, Silver & Gold/EURO with ThinkMarkets. For information regarding instruments, please see here.

Reputation and Funded Trading Plus Reviews

In any competitive market, reputation plays one of the most significant roles in grabbing a significant portion of the market acquisition. However, we at MyForexReport always seek fairness in commenting, so we reach out to other traders to know their experience. Nonetheless, we were somewhat satisfied with their reputation in the trading community, and to be honest, that’s the reason we chose to trade with them.

Funded Trading Plus Experience:

As you know, we’ve chatted with many FTP traders. We wanted to know about their experience as well. We researched the trader community on Facebook, Linked, and Twitter and found that traders are highly satisfied with FTP’s services.

traders comments about funded trading plus service

Funded Trading Plus Trustpilot:

FTP trustpilot

In Trustpilot, FTP Funding has got quite the hit. Most traders gave it a 5-star. The honest reviews help it climb the ladder of ranking. Now, FTP funding ranks as the number one firm on Trustpilot.

Funded Trading Plus Customer Support

funded trading plus customer support service

How do we define effective customer support? Obviously, the one you can reach at any hour, that means 24/7.FTP does not have a specific time for contacting its support staff; they are open at any time in any time zone. It is a strong strength of FTP to have so many trader acquisitions so quickly.

Funded Trading Plus Alternatives

Funded Trading Plus has been in this fiercely competitive market for almost three years. They are a force to be reckoned with now. But in the market, they still have firms competing with them. In the section below, we’ve tried to compare Funded Trading Plus and their best alternatives. FTMO and E8, to date, are the two most popular Forex prop firms.

Funded Trading Plus VS FTMO:

Trading Features Funded Trading PlusFTMO
Phase 1 Profit Target Experienced Trader(Single Phase) : 10%
Advanced Trader: 10%
Premium Trader: 8%
*Master Trader does not require any Profit Target
10% Profit Target
Phase 2 Profit Target Premium Trader: 5%
Advanced Trader: 5%
5% Profit Target
Maximum Daily Loss Experienced Trader: 4%
Advanced Trader: 5%
Premium Trader: 4%
Master Trader: 6%
Maximum LossExperienced Trader: 6%
Advanced Trader: 10%
Premium Trader: 8%
Master Trader: 6%
Minimum Trading Days NA4
Leverage Up to 1:301:100 & 1:30 (FTMO Swing)
Profit Split Experienced Trader: 80/20 (up to 90/10, 100/0)
Advanced Trader: 80/20 (up to 90/10, 100/0)
Premium Trader: 80/20 (up to 90/10, 100/0)
Master Trader: 80/20 (up to 90/10, 100/0)
Up to 90%
Minimum Account Opening Fees $119
Account Size: USD 12,500
Account Size: $10,000
Maximum Account Opening Fees $4,500
Account Size: USD 100,000
Account Size: $200,000
EA Trading Hedging, Allowed(at your own risk) Allowed(at your own risk)
News Trading Allowed Allowed

Funded Trading Plus VS E8 Markets:

Trading Features Funded Trading Plus E8 Markets
Phase 1 Profit Target Experienced Trader(Single Phase) : 10%
Advanced Trader: 10%
Premium Trader: 8%
*Master Trader does not require any Profit Target
8% Profit Target
Phase 2 Profit Target Premium Trader: 5%
Advanced Trader: 5%
4% Profit Target
Maximum Daily Loss Experienced Trader: 4%
Advanced Trader: 5%
Premium Trader: 4%
Master Trader: 6%
Maximum LossExperienced Trader: 6%
Advanced Trader: 10%
Premium Trader: 8%
Master Trader: 6%
Minimum Trading Days NA 1
Leverage Up to 1:30 1:100
Profit Split Experienced Trader: 80/20 (up to 90/10, 100/0)
Advanced Trader: 80/20 (up to 90/10, 100/0)
Premium Trader: 80/20 (up to 90/10, 100/0)
Master Trader: 80/20 (up to 90/10, 100/0)
Up to 80%
Minimum Account Opening Fees $119
Account Size: USD 12,500
Account Size: USD 5,000
Maximum Account Opening Fees $4,500
Account Size: USD 100,000
Account Size: USD 200,000
EA Trading Hedging, Allowed(at your own risk) Allowed(at your own risk)
News Trading Allowed Allowed

Things That Funded Trading Plus Should Improve

If you’ve read this far, you might have already noticed that we’ve tried to do proper justice to Funded Trading Plus’ services and offerings according to our experiences. This is our sole duty as an independent trader’s investment advisory or consulting firm to find the for and against of the prop firms as well.

1. Trader’s Dashboard

Funded Trading Plus has a lot of work to do on their dashboard. They give a detailed overview of their trading but still need to incorporate trader-friendly tools in their system.

2. Website UI/UX

Although UI & UX may not be considered a significant concern for a trader, this is only sometimes the case. We traders are looking for a quick and informative site experience where we don’t have to click and scroll through too many things to find the information. In this case, Funded Trading Plus is falling behind. Our suggestion to them would be to improve their user interface so that we don’t have to jump through too many hoops. I believe they have received or will receive feedback similar to mine in this regard.

Is Funded Trading Plus Funding Legit or Scam?

According to our experience, we cannot in any way label them a fraud, never. A legitimate prop firm typically fulfills specific criteria, such as maintaining a physical office, a Meet the Team page, evidence of the CEO’s activities, trader profit proof, and more. FTP has a physical office in London, and the CEO actively engages with the community through various social media. Apart from that, I have found legal documents to support their claim. Considering these factors, I can easily say that Funded Trading Plus is legit.

Moreover, in recent times prop trading has been going through a wave of change. Eightcap Stopped its functions, and MetaTrader stopped accepting US traders. In light of these recent events, FTP changed its policy, made a deal with a new broker ( ThinkMarkets) migrated all its traders’ accounts to new platforms, and even gave special discounts. They constantly gave announcements on their discord server and social media about their position in the market and what they were up to to reassure traders. I would say these steps show their conviction towards the field.

Funded Trading Plus Review Conclusion:

Without being dramatic or diplomatic, I would say that I am completely satisfied with Funded Trading Plus. Their funding programs, services, and overall performance over the year mark their dedication to the community. Throughout my review, I have been honest and tried to give my honest review and recommendations. If any of my/our comments help them improve in any way, I would be glad on behalf of my team, MyForexReport.

Happy Trading! ❤

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Read the detailed FTP FAQ section updated for 2024.

Is funded trading plus regulated?

Actually, proprietary trading firms do not hold trader money or trade for the public or are not brokers. Thus, they don’t need to be regulated. Their ASIC-regulated broker, Eightcap, holds all their traders’ funded accounts. However, Funded Trading Plus is a brand of FTP London Ltd that is registered in England, United Kingdom.
Their registered company address is 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR.
Company Number: 13719292
UK VAT Number: 413 8673 88
European VAT Number: EU372045061

Which broker do they use?


Can I try FTP for Free?

No. They don’t have trial or demo option. They do have a Demo account to test your Trading Style however this does not count towards anything –

How to pay for the experienced trader, advanced trade, or master trader program?

Firstly, select the program & account size you wish to purchase. You can then choose the trading platform that best suits you, either ThinkMarket’s MT4/MT5 platform. Then, follow the steps with your details like name, country, address, email, and payment methods to complete the purchase process.

They accept credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrencies.

Do Funded Trading Plus offer fee refunds?

Fees for the Experienced Trader, Premium Trader, and Advanced Trader Programs are refundable once traders reach their first profit target.
Note: Fees are not refundable on the Master Trader Program.

How do I withdraw my profits?

Step 1: Go to your account dashboard and select the withdrawal request button. Make sure to close all trades before making a withdrawal request, and do not start trading again until profit has been withdrawn, hopefully within 48 hours.
Step 2: You will receive an invoice request from and complete your invoice.

Currently, they offer withdrawals via cryptocurrency and bank transfers.

Does funded trading plus allow EAs, algorithms, or bots?

Yes, Funded Trading Plus allows EA, algorithms, and bots. When selecting strategies and EAs, remember the rules and limits.

Can I trade news?

Yes, you can trade during news events.

Funded Trading Plus Review 2024 Details

Trading Platform
Free Trial Option
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods
Customer Support
Foundation Year
Funded Trading Plus
Funded Accounts Up To $200,000
Up To 90% Profit spilt
Platform & Tools
Deposit & Withdrawal
Customer Support
4.8 Overall Rating

Reviewed by 5 users

    • 4 months ago

    BEST prop firm ever I love everything

    My first payout received. The customer service team is top tier. They answered all of my questions and were patient with me. Now I understand why this firm is number one on Trustpilot. It’s such a great firm.


    • Costumer service is excellent
    • They pay you faster than any other Prop firm
    • 12 months ago

    Not a fan of relative draw down

    This was my first prop firm and I didn’t have any negative experiences with them. I also agree with the above statements about the trader dashboard. I’m not too fond of the relative drawdown but that wasn’t the reason I did not pass. I didn’t pass because I was gambling, i.e., trading on emotion, failing to follow a plan, overleveraging.

    • 1 year ago

    I feel cheated with a 200k evaluation account (FUNDED TRADING PLUS)

    Hello, I had a very bad experience with this company, since for a 200k evaluation that opens on May 7, 2023, I received an email on May 10, 2023 saying that I had infringed the maximum daily loss, when I observed in MT4 I see more than 13 operations that I do not perform.

    I made the claim and sent the operations log of that day where those operations did not appear to me, so it corroborated that I had not executed them, also as complementary data when I tried to configure mt4 on the pc with the server that funded trading plus gave me I had problems and could not do it, I replied to the email with the news about the email that they had sent me with the credentials. Who guarantees me then that someone from that company could not have used them?

    However, the company’s responses, despite having asked me to send them the operations log, blamed me, without doing any analysis, and wasting my time looking for evidence. I even asked them to verify if the IPs from where they carried out the operations were from Colombia and they ignored it.

    I feel cheated by this company and very upset by the way they analyze the claims, they asked me for support that was not taken into account and in the end I lost $900 unfairly and without any fraud on the part of said company. Think twice to pay evaluations with funded trading plus

    • 1 year ago

    Alerts 🚨 🚨

    Please safe your hard earn money because Funded trading plus is totally scammer company they terminated my phase 2 Account without any daily drawdown basically I passed my phase 1 Account just in 5 days Alhumdullilah after that yesterday I received my phase 2 Account in which i had 5000 daily drawdown limit then my some stoploss hitted and some position I closed manually at 95051 for acc safe side purpose and 95000 was for my daily draw down stop limit but company breached and terminated my ACC without any draw down and without any reason after that I msg to CEO Simon and open a ticket on live chat but Simon didn’t accept his company and system fault and said to me that technical team check this and reply you then I m waiting from yesterday for reply from his support and technical side but Simon remove me on discord, block me on live chat , block me on support system and till now after two days I didn’t get a single reply from there technical team side..

    Account no : 2040958

    Please full fill my loss of this Account or active my this Account with current balance ..

    Thank you.


    • Bad
    • 1 year ago

    Problems with withdrawals. Avoid dealing with this trading company. It is unreliable. 

    This trading company is unreliable. They may delete your account without warning if you keep winning. Avoid dealing with this bogus business. You won’t be able to withdraw your winnings after they take your money!

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