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Last Updated on December 27, 2022 by Richard Gibson

Nonfarm Payrolls, also known as NFP, is one of the common concern of news trading. It carries significant importance in the economic calendar. In this article, we have outlined the entire idea and process of Nonfarm Payroll. In addition, you’ll learn how to set your NFP Trading Strategy and many more NFP trading concepts with examples and many more.

What are Nonfarm Payrolls?

Nonfarm Payrolls are the most significant economic indicator of the United States. NFP is published on the first Friday of every month. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes the nonfarm payrolls report.

The Nonfarm Payroll, NFP report serves as a measurement of the size of the US workforce. In the report, BLS publishes the number of jobs created and lost in the previous month. The nonfarm payroll is considered an important indicator of the health and productivity of the US economy in general and the labor market in particular since it publishes essential insights.

When do the Nonfarm Payrolls report is published?

On the first Friday of every month at 08:30 New York time, the nonfarm payroll is reported. With MyFoexReport’s economic calendar, traders can easily access all the essential data of NFP and other News.

The Effect of NFP on the Forex Market

There is usually a market response when the nonfarm payroll deviates significantly from the projection. But how does the NFP affect the Forex market?

The NFP usually only impacts currency pairs where the US dollar is involved. The USD traditionally strengthens if the findings are better than expected, whereas the USD often drops if the outcomes are worse than expected.

If we look at the example of October’s NFP, despite expectations that the NFP would reveal the introduction of 250,000 new jobs, the actual number was 263,000. The impact on USD-related currency pairs was almost immediate.

Since the United States of America is the home of the global economy, it is obvious that all major economic countries would like to take advantage of this USD-centered customer base. A country that aims to have the largest economy in the world should think about increasing employment opportunities for its people and staffing its government with a sizable number of workers. A high employment rate also contributes to substantially stronger economic performance.

Employers raise wages when there are more jobs available, giving workers more money to spend. In the end, this spending raises GDP and inflation. This is one of the factors that makes NFP data releases one of the most awaited news events, particularly in the forex markets.

Due to the direct correlation between interest rates and the level of job creation, Forex investors evaluate NFP economic data releases. If the economy is strong and average employment growth is strong as well, interest rates will rise.
On the other hand, a weak economic situation is brought on by low wages and poor employment. Significant price changes occurred in the currency market following the announcement of the NFP report.


NFP is a robust topic to cover in an article. But we tried to make you understand the basics and its effect on the currency, also known as the forex market. To better understand the effect of NFP, we recommend you practice trading, as well as notice the changes right after the NFP release. You’ll get a new perspective.

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