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E8 Funding, the popular name in the forex prop firm industry, came up with a new account type “E8 TRACK“. The beta version of the account offerings has been rolled over from today onwards. This E8 TRACK funded account comes with a more dynamic shot for those traders who wish for a larger account size within the reasonable entry fee. Since they are offering a larger cap, they have also introduced new terms and conditions for this account. Let’s find out what we are getting out of the E8 TRACK account type of E8 Funding.

Features of E8 TRACK:

In order to qualify for a FUNDED E8 TRACK account, we must pass all the previous two evaluation stages as well as a new, additional evaluation phase just for E8 TRACK. However, much like the first and second phases of evaluation, in the third phase we must achieve a 5% profit target. To see a detailed breakdown of the E8 TRACK Evaluation stages, scroll down to the table below.

Trading FeaturesPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3
Minimum Trading daysNo Minimum Trading DaysNo Minimum Trading DaysNo Minimum Trading Days
Profit Target8%5%5%
Daily Drawdown5%5%5%
Initial Deposit Drawdown8%8%8%

Funded E8 TRACK account fees:

E8 Funding has maintained their low cost entry fee for E8 Track account just like their other Account Types. We believe that this is certainly in the trader’s best interest. What other purpose could there be for offering such a plan other than to help the traders? They haven’t introduced any strict requirements to get this fund, and they’ve maintained the pricing plans within a reasonable range. To know about the pricing plan according to the account size look down to the table below.

Account Size$25,000$50,000$100,000$250,000
One Time Entry Fee$138$208$358$598

Who are the best fit for E8 Funding’s E8 TRACK account type?

The E8 TRACK account is best suited to traders who consistently make profits and want to scale their profits on a larger scale within a budget investment and are not afraid to open another evaluation phase.

Take a breath! If you are consistently profitable and have confidence in yourself, this E8 TRACK is for you. No real profit target, standard drawdown rule and no complicated rules to worry about; we are good to give it a shot.

Wrapping Up

In our experience, E8 Funding has always been a trader-friendly prop firm. You may check out our E8 Funding experience and learn more about their other account offerings and the journey we had. Although their E8 TRACK seems lucrative to us, we have plans to trade this account and share our experience as soon as it goes live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is E8 TRACK available in MT4?

No, unfortunately, according to the release of E8 Funding about E8 TRACK, this account type is only available to trade MT5 only.

Why E8 Funding added Phase 3 for E8 TRACK?

E8 Funding feels that their affordable product has a lot of potential for traders who want to scale their profits while perfectly combining their expertise. The third phase of E8 funding is almost identical to the second phase and doesn’t include any additional requirements. If a trader is comfortable with proving themselves one more time, this is for them.

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